What is Locktober?

Locktober event takes place every year in October. During this event males are voluntarily getting locked into male chastity for period of month. This is time for sexual rediscovery for couples and creativity.

How to start?

Just get locked into chastity cage (or if female, chastity belt) for period of October. Of course you may schedule “maintenance breaks” for cleaning equipment (and you should if you are not familiar how to do this inside cage).

Your keyholder can be: partner, friend, keyholder service or time lock (with last option, still may be good to keep second pair of keys with friend or other safety solution).

It’s alredy October? Aren’t I late? I heard about NOvember, and De(nided)cember.

First of all, it’s for your experience. If you like you can make your own Locktober e.g. in February. Still, there is some charm of doing this together.

Second of all, yes, there are follow up events or NOvember and De(nied)cember. Many people enjoy so much October, that they later extend it to whole quarter, and later just continue as lifestyle.